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Irrigation is on, and the hot summer months are coming. For those of you who know us here at T4 Trees, we are constantly teaching and reminding you about the importance of watering your trees. This is a very crucial time of the year to make sure they are getting watered properly. Improper watering is the #1 reason trees get stressed. And when trees get stressed, that is when pests and diseases come in. 

Watering trees is so simple that it is often overlooked. Here are some basic tips on making sure they are getting watered properly:

  1. It’s all about the coverage. 90% of roots are within 24” of the surface and none of our trees have taproots. You must make sure that you are watering the ENTIRE area under the canopy of the tree. This especially includes drip systems. 
  2. Water less frequently and for longer periods of time to encourage deeper root growth. If you have clay soil, twice a week is a good rule of thumb. If you have sandy soil, 3-4 times a week is usually good.
  3. Make sure you are putting down enough water per week. This can be hard to judge and calculate with a sprinkler system. In general, trees should be getting 10 gallons of water per diameter inch of trunk at chest height. This means a 15” tree should be getting 150 gallons of water EVERY week in the growing season.

Please be sure to water your trees properly all year long. It’s easier to keep trees healthy than it is to try to revive them. Also, most trees can thwart off pests and diseases if they are healthy. If you need help with any of this, call T4 Tree Service, and we would be happy to send out our Tree Irrigation Specialist to inspect your watering system. Then if there are any upgrades needed, he can give you a quote for this service.

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