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Certified In Keeping Your Tree Healthy

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) part A300 sets forth guidelines for proper tree pruning and trimming. T4 Tree Service adheres to all these standards.

Tree trimming and pruning play an essential role in keeping your property looking great, protecting your trees and plants, and ensuring the safety of your property. To ensure the best results, you can put your trust in the certified, accredited, and insured team at T4 Tree Services.

Professional Tree Trimming

Trees can add so much to your property, both in terms of your enjoyment and property value. Sometimes tree trimming is necessary to remove dangerous limbs, salvage a tree after storm damage, or improve its aesthetics.

When it does come time to trim your trees, you want a certified arborist to be at the helm. Proper tree trimming is a professional undertaking that takes years of knowledge and skill to carry out.

T4 Tree Services has provided tree trimming in Grand Junction since 2010 and can ensure that your trees are treated with the proper care to improve their health. Full-grown trees are an incredible asset, one you should make every effort to care for properly.

If you’re concerned about recent damage to one of your trees or the appearance of other issues, you can reach out to T4 Tree Services to find out what your options are. Our trimming service includes a qualified tree risk assessment professional to determine if trimming is necessary to ensure the safety of your property and the tree.

Don’t risk attempting tree trimming on your own. It’s always dangerous work when handled by an amateur, and this can be compounded by partially damaged limbs, nearby powerlines, or structures. Instead, keep everyone safe by putting your trust in the professionals at T4 Tree Services.

Quality Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning is another critical service that helps maintain your property’s appearance and safety. Unlike tree trimming, where limbs are removed to ensure safety and tree health when something goes wrong, pruning is a regular service that seeks to proactively maintain your trees to keep them healthy.

Pruning doesn’t remove major limbs but instead focuses on thinning branches. Done correctly, this can help ensure the long-term health of the tree. Tree pruning also leaves your trees looking better, shapelier, and more symmetrical. Regular pruning reduces the weight carried by trees, making them more resistant to storms and high winds.

How often your trees need pruning will depend on various factors, including the specific types of trees, their age, and their current health. The arborists at T4 Tree Services can determine what kind of pruning schedule will work best for your trees and provide an estimate for our services.

Choose the Best for Your Trees and Plants

Whether you’ve got a tree with a dangerous overhang or a hedge that needs some shaping up, T4 Tree Services is the team to handle all your tree care and plant care needs in Mesa County.

Our team includes certified arborists who can deliver the best tree trimming that residents can rely on. Reach out today to request an estimate for your tree pruning and trimming needs.


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