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Protect Your Trees From Unwanted Visitors

The trees that add so much character to your property face significant threats from various pests and diseases. These can cut a tree’s lifespan by decades unless action is taken to protect your trees. T4 Tree Services provides a wide range of tree care services that can prevent and eliminate insects and diseases before they claim your trees.

Tree Insect Control

Colorado hosts a wide range of insects that can harm or even kill trees. They can strike quickly and infect trees without your noticing until it’s too late. However, it may still be possible to save your tree or at least prevent the spread to other trees on your property.

Some of the primary threats to your trees include ips beetles, ash bark beetles, lilac ash borer and pine leaf black scale. 

The certified and accredited professionals at T4 Tree Services can help ensure that your trees are protected from these insects and many more. If you have any reasons to believe that you may be dealing with an infestation, our arborists can inspect your trees to diagnose the issue at hand.

If insect activity is a problem, our team provides a range of effective treatment methods. We can treat both affected trees and nearby trees at risk of infection. In many cases, soil and trunk injections can provide lasting protection against insects for your trees.

Tree Disease Control

Alongside insects, your trees also face a variety of threats from disease. Many diseases only affect individual species of trees, so determining how your trees are involved can be challenging. However, the arborists at T4 Tree Services can carefully assess your trees to determine which diseases are affecting them.

Various types of trees can be affected by funguses, viruses, bacteria, and blight. If you notice that a tree is withered or dying, has noticeable colored patches on bark or leaves, or shows any other irregular signs, it’s worth reaching out to T4 Tree Services to determine what’s wrong.

Given the number of unique diseases that can affect different types of trees, the approach to handling tree disease will vary depending on the specific situation. Treatments may be available to ensure the health of your tree or at least to prevent the spread to other trees.

In other cases, trimming limbs or removing the tree entirely may be the best option available. The arborists at T4 Tree Services can let you know what all of your options are and provide you with an estimate on any required services.

Protect Your Trees From Insects and Disease

In almost all cases, acting fast is the best way to protect your trees. Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at T4 Tree Services. Our tree insect and disease control treatments are most effective when started early, so contact us today if you have any concerns about the health of your trees


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