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As spring approaches, it’s time to start thinking about our beloved Ash trees. Unfortunately, for years, we’ve been dealing with a severe pest problem that threatens to wipe out our Ash trees in the valley. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pests attacking our trees and ways to control them.

Understanding & Controlling the Ash Pests

The Lilac Ash Borer has been in the valley for over 50 years, and it’s still heavily attacking our Ash trees. Fortunately, it’s easy to control these pests by applying preventative sprays in April. On the other hand, the Ash Bark Beetle is a newer pest that’s been causing significant damage in the last three years. They are killing any Ash tree they can get their mouth on.

To control the Ash Bark Beetle, trunk injection with a systemic pesticide is the most effective method. This injection helps the tree to absorb the pesticide, making it less vulnerable to future pest infestations.

City of Grand Junction Ash Tree Program

The City of Grand Junction has introduced a program to help property owners in the city limits protect their Ash trees. Under this program, the city will pay half the cost of the trunk injection for all Ash trees that qualify.

To take advantage of this program, visit the City of Grand Junction’s website and fill out their form to sign up. Your information will then be forwarded to T4 Tree Service, who will contact you to inspect your trees and provide an estimate.

Protecting our Ash trees is essential, and we should all work together to prevent further pest infestations. The City of Grand Junction’s Ash Tree program is an excellent opportunity for property owners to protect their Ash trees from pests. If you have any questions or concerns about your trees, feel free to contact T4 Tree Service anytime. Let’s root for our Ash trees!

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